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How can I modify my Custody Order?

Modification of a NC Custody Order is a 3-Step Process:
First, if you have a North Carolina custody order, you must file a motion to modify with the court. In your motion, you should list all the reasons you believe the order should be modified. For example, you are planning on moving out-of-state or the other parent has developed a substance abuse issue.
Second, a judge must find that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. “A substantial change in circumstances” is a term of art in the legal field. It basically means there must be a substantial change that has a large impact on the minor child (either good or bad).
So, if, like in the example above, you decide to move out-of-state, the move could be good for your child for several reasons. For instance, the move could put you closer to family so that you have a larger support network. Your new job may also have greater flexibility so you can be there for your child more.
Conversely, if the other parent has developed a substance abuse issue, this could have a negative effect on the minor child. In either case, the judge may find a substantial change in circumstances affecting the minor child occurred.

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This information applies to All Counties in North Carolina.


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