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How can I report a crime against me?

If you are in immediate danger or there is crime in progress, you should call 911. If you are not in immediate danger, or the alleged crime is not in progress, you should contact your local law enforcement agency’s non-emergency number in order to request an investigation.

In some cases, law enforcement might advise you to begin the charging process, yourself. The way to do that depends on whether the offense involved a possible juvenile delinquent - an offender under the age of 16 at the time of the offense - or a person who was 16 or older.

If you believe that the person who committed the offense might have been under the age of 16 at the time of the offense, that matter must be handled as a juvenile delinquency case. See the Juvenile Delinquency Help Topic for information about how to file a complaint and what those cases will involve. The questions and answers in the rest of this FAQ discuss only the rights and involvement of victims in criminal cases against persons charged and prosecuted as adults, meaning persons aged 16 or older at the time of the offense.


This information applies to All Counties in North Carolina.


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