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How do I know if I qualify for federal workers’ comp?

Several key factors must be proven for your claim to be accepted by the OWCP examiner. If you satisfy these five requirements, you can expect to receive benefits. If you question whether your work-related injury or illness qualifies, our team of lawyers can help. The requirements are as follows:

You must provide written notice of your injury, illness, or death to the OWCP within 30 days of the incident. Your claim also must be accepted within three years of the incident date.

You must provide evidence of your injury or illness occurring during your federal employment. This can be proven using a supervisor’s report.

Proof of injury or illness must also be provided. The claims examiner (CE) will first determine the incident did occur. Then they will review your medical records to ensure your condition is the result of a work-related accident. They will also uncover the facts surrounding occupational illness or injury without a singular incident or sudden onset.

Injuries due to activities unrelated to your job performance will not be accepted for benefits. Your injury or illness must have happened as a direct result of your duties on the job. For example, accidents due to fooling around are deemed your own fault and don’t qualify you for workers’ compensation, even if the injury occurred on the job site.

Direct or aggravated must be proven. This means it must be proven that your injury was causally related to your activities on the job. If you have a pre-existing injury or condition that was aggravated by a job-related event or activity, that may qualify as well.

It is pertinent to present adequate medical records along with a legitimate diagnosis provided by a qualified physician when you submit your claim.

Federal Workers Compensation  

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