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I’m being audited by the IRS – what do I do?

Even though it may be difficult, try to remain calm. An audit by the IRS does not mean that you have committed a crime or done anything improper. The IRS conducts audits for a variety of reasons, including when they need additional information to process a return or when your return was selectedfor a random audit. When you receive a notice of an IRS audit, read the notice very carefully. The notice may contain deadlines and other important information.

In addition, ask the IRS why it is auditing your tax return. The IRS should put the reason for the audit in the notice, but if it does not, ask an IRS agent why your return was selected for an audit. Understanding why your tax return was chosen for an audit can help you prepare for the audit.

Because there are numerous steps that you should take to protect your legal rights during an audit, it is usually best to consult a tax attorney as soon as possible to discuss the best way to handle the tax audit.


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