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What property may be levied by a sheriff?

Presuming no exemptions are claimed, a deputy may levy on the debtor’s real property in a post-judgment collection, unless the debtor is married and the spouse is not subject to the judgment (property owned as tenants in the entireties). A debtor’s motor vehicles are also at risk. Any “toys” (motorcycles, boats, ATVs) or other personal property (including furniture, jewelry, stocks, bonds, etc.) are subject to levy.

A debtor’s bank accounts may also be levied upon, but not IRAs or other pension plans according to the debt collection laws in NC. There is an old adage that you do not want to levy against anything you have to feed or house (think: a race horse or herd of cattle). There is some truth to that adage, but you must evaluate on a case by case basis.

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This information applies to All Counties in North Carolina.


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