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What's the difference between the EPA Brownfields Program and the NC Brownfields Program?

The EPA began the Brownfields Initiative in 1995, and since that time the states have been heavily involved in supporting these actions through passage of supportive state statutes. The federal and state roles in brownfields differ, but they are all designed to encourage the cleanup and reuse of abandoned contaminated properties referred to as brownfields.

The federal program functions to provide funding to states to develop and operate programs such as this. It also provides grants to local governments, on a competitive basis, for assessment and cleanup of brownfields sites. The federal brownfields statute (Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act) became effective in 2002. It outlines environmental liability and under what circumstances it is deferred to the state and under what circumstances it remains with the federal government.

The state Brownfields Program operates under state statute (Brownfields Property Reuse Act of 1997) to offer liability protection to noncausative parties in return for actions on the site that make the site suitable for the reuse proposed and for the public benefit of the redevelopment project.


This information applies to All Counties in North Carolina.


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